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to the infinite spring of creativity, joy and


Who is Mesimarja?

Great that you’d like to know some facts about me!

I’m a cosmic transmitter, woman who loves the human experience in all its colours!

Designer, artist and plant whisperer, who is also gifted with magnificent healing voice.

I’m passionate about flowers, plants and textiles!
Spaces, textures and patterns.
The divine dance consciousness.


nature – earth


9 facts about me:

1. I was born and spent the first years of my life in furthest outskirts of the archipelago of Southwestern Finland.

2. The most natural catalyst for action for me is peace. Am terrible at handling stress and hurry.

3. Am spontaine and adventurous! I’ve moved abroad within a couple hours notice. It’s easy for me to decide when the energy is clear!

4. I love scents! Sometimes I find myself smellings things without even noticing how I ended up there!

5. I’ve experienced a whole body paralysis state after a surgery back in 2006. The experience of being in the body without any connection or control over it made me embrace this unbelievable living organism.

6. It’s not possible to manipulate me. Basically, I only trust in my higher guidance = ’my light crew’ and my intuition. Love pondering about decisions etc. with others, but can’t make any decisions based on outer authorities.

7. Food is my passion! Love all organic & healthy, great food! All them’ flavours and textures! Am always keen on trying something new. As a child my siblings got really annoyed of me wanting to taste whatever they were having.

8. My Grandma is one of my best friends. She’s such a bright individual! Joyous and light, easy and talkative. We often end up just having a blast like two small girls tend to. just giggling all day long!

9. There’s no life for me without chlorophyll. Even as a child my room looked more like jungle than a room. All the greens in all the forms are dear to me.


Please don’t hesitate contacting me in case of inguiry for sound healing, art pieces or cooperation.

Would love to hear from you!

mesimarja.art (at) gmail.com